Rare star explosion reveals hidden black hole

Rare star explosion reveals hidden black hole – Technology & science – Space – Space.com | NBC News.

Space exploration! Black holes! Exploding stars! What’s not to love?  This article discusses a new discovery within our own galaxy.  I bet many people don’t even consider our galaxy to be home to  black holes but in fact it is.  Embedded in the article is a short video link with an excellent visual representation of what has been newly discovered just a few light-years shy of the center of our galaxy.  The video shows a star being swallowed by a black hole.  I think this article could be used for a current events project in which students are encouraged to find a new discovery in the field of science.  It, again, shows how science is an accumulated body of ever-changing knowledge.  When new information comes to light, theories are adjusted, facts become malleable, and our knowledge is advanced yet another step.

Gas builds up in a storage disk around a black hole, eventually leading to a bright X-ray nova. image credit: NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center


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