Hubble spots a bright spark in a nearby spiral galaxy

Hubble spots a bright spark in a nearby spiral galaxy. <——click to link to full article!

Can’t get enough current space exploration discoveries!


The Scale of the Universe

The Scale of the Universe 2. <—– click the link.  You have to check this out for yourself!

After studying cells and DNA extensively in my undergrad and watching numerous space documentaries from the History channel and the Discovery channel thereafter, I have become somewhat obsessed with the concept of scale.  I feel like even though we are taught that some things are small (really small) and some things are big (really big)  it’s easy to under-appreciate the incredible range of sizes that exist within our universe.  I found this amazing interactive graphic on the interweb and it does an outstanding job of emphasizing the variation in scale from the quantum world of quarks and neutrinos all the way up to the edge of the visible universe….way cool.