Raindrop Fossils

A meerkat sits on rock covered in fossil impressions of raindrops. (Wlady Altermann/University of Pretoria)

Raindrop Fossils – Science NetLinks. <–link to full article

This article discusses an unlikely record of the earth’s early atmospheric conditions.  Raindrops that fell billions of years ago became fossilized in volcanic ash and help scientists better understand the earth’s early atmospheric composition from over 2.7 billion years ago.   This would be an interesting way to incorporate current real world discoveries/science applications as well as a way to discuss and aid in gaining perspective on the vast the geologic time scale of earth.  Another way to incorporate this article into a lesson might be to use it when discussing the molecular composition of the atmosphere, or even how the earth’s biome in general affects our daily lives.


One thought on “Raindrop Fossils

  1. Angie, this would be great to use when trying to convey the vast timeline of our Earth’s history. It is so difficult for students, and sometimes myself, to comprehend just how old this rock really is! I also like how it demonstrates the use of scientific inquiry to look at the raindrop fossils and relate it back to the history of the Earth.

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